Who’s gonna write “us”?

They can’t write us direct us create Us
… they are not the gods they claim to be
… strut to be
… post to be
they shaping missed interpretations
of these many nations
from their only known mental resources
no fact checking History wrecking
We’re not side kicks or slaves in the plot lines of our ancestors
or our present lives …
We are husbands, wives, brides,
angel winged seraphims
We are the ageless and sages
Stories more like Epic
We are heroes walking
and while you out here stalking
to steal story lines your minds cannot comprehend like
Recognize you can not write us,
but you will try to “bite” us
back biters
We don’t need you to write us,
so we ask for diverse roles on screens
But we’re not begging for your hands
to shape what you can never understand
We blazing our own brilliance
As ever we have been known to be
From first drum beats,
to the first sails on ocean fleets,
we are complete
with or without you
and again you can not write us
… though you try and stop us…
Try to keep us voiceless …
or only let us voice this
if we maintain po-lite-ness
… You doubt us …
but you can never understand this language without us
We speak Passion,
live it breathe it,
it’s that soul speak
There’s no Rosetta Stone to practice
… You can’t develop this accent.
Your soul aint got the flexibility to SPEAK THIS
or write this
only the Life-livers can translate this

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