The Sum of a Woman

Written in 2010


How many females really understand the sum of a woman?

It’s not in the addition or multiplication of the times you’ve put a man in his place

as if you even can know what place that is…

far too quick to assume you know better than him just because you are feminine

bashing his XY code like you dont recall your original abode

was within his side… taken from his side to be by his side

The division of his essence gave the quotient of you… woman.

The sum of a woman is not in your ability to stand as the lowliest whole number


But in your ability to rise into the most complete prime number

that is Two.

He standing with you and you with he.


Can you understand it… Maybe if I break it down mathematically?

You see the sum of a woman resides in the addition of her affection

upon the man who subtracts your worries as he takes his place at the lead

yes he takes his place …. you do not assign roles for a man

unless you prefer to take the least common denominator of masculinity

a boy…

The sum of a woman is in the division of her walls

as she calls out to him begging to be found like the cube

route of pie squared.

Because she recognizes the sum of two is ecstasy…

so find your way to freedom from outsider mind control

and simplify reality into one siimple factor

like would you rather you choose a solid man as your master

or stay enslaved by an unknown variable sitting behind a white cape?

Yea these fractions who call themselves women

listening to the deceiver’s voice tellin them to distrust the man they chose

and succumb to this barely getting by state

looking to child support and single mama drama for satisfaction

letting ur single girls and that sweet talker who’s all word play with no action provide distraction…

from the worthy man standing before your eyes… the one giving love in consistent measures

and standing solid only requesting the basics of your respect and adoration…

his love demonstrated like sign language, even the deaf cancomprehend…

and lasting engraved impressions  like braille beneath your fingers…

even the blind will believe

in his perfection… cause he is Man.


So ladies subtract yourself from the mind control

And add your whole and complete fraction to his

and create two who stand as one unit.

And add 2 + 2 and then cube that result

and what you get is a village…

now multiply the effects by 10 to the scienitific notation of 3×10 to the 5th power

and now you’ve got a nation…

that began with the sum of 1.

1 whole number, that is you…

like Eve at the start of it all…

the rib that born from his side…

choose an Adam and not a deceiver…

I hope by now I’ve made you into a believer

so dont shame her legacy of feminine security

that she found lying in the arms of her Adam

who will fight with her and for her

til the end of time….

the sum of a woman lies in her decision

to be free

free to stand with her man and make a nation stand

for unity.

so do you measure up to the sum of a woman?

Or are you still… a fraction?

Playing into a deciever’s hand.


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