Lessons With Myrie

Myrie: i got a question… do u think our thumbs get lonely???

Me: umm wait .. huh? why would a thumb be lonely?

Myrie: look … my thumb doesn’t close the same way as my fingers. he has to close by hisself

Me: Well what about when u put ur thumb under your fingers… then all the fingers are hugging him…

Myrie: yea… but why does he have to be opposite???

Me: (i show her all the awesome things people can do b/c the thumb is opposite and then i say)… SO U SEE, WHEN U CAN DO SOMETHING NOBODY ELSE CAN DO, IT MAKES YOU THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE

Myrie: *big smiles as she looks at her thumb*

THIS KID IS AWESOME. I never know what she will say next and i love it


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