A Lesson on Living Around the Crabs of this World

I’ve learned that there are many kinds of people. I think we all know that one person to be aware of is

the “crab”

A crab enjoys pulling others down back into the bucket, or if this crab is the one at the top of “the bucket” it pushes down on other “crabs.”

If a person is a crab they will talk about people’s weaknesses or mistakes as if they are all a disability that the person is trapped in … The way to spot a crab is by their discussion of others … DO THEY TALK ABOUT THE PERSON’S POTENTIAL OR THEIR FLAWS & MISTAKES ??? A crab talks about flaws & mistakes as being more powerful than any potential …

MORAL 1: Stay away from the crabs. and

MORAL 2: Treat the crab like you do a fly at a picnic. Swat it away and ignore it. If that doesn’t work, smash it with a fly swatter … lol… in other words, realize it has no power and its presence should not change your opinion of yourself or of others. 


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