A Lesson In An Empty City


I was walking down a street

The surface was smooth and black sleek

reminded me of Thriller for  a second but I wasn’t afraid

in fact the road was empty

and so was the city

looking up into the dark of the night

I saw no stars

the lights near were blinding

there was nothing

no birds not even a rat

so I walked forward

only … i wasn’t walking in search

i didn’t really care if I found others are not

I just wanted to move

I came to the river’s edge and there found connection to the infinite waters

the land never completely separates this body of substance

just like the body can’t divide the spirit

like land to the seas, lakes, and rivers

the body is the source of gravity that binds the spirit

into this existence

I was walking slowly

through an empty city

and this was the lesson God taught me


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