Welcome to Marriage Air. Here’s some things to keep in mind along the journey

Modern Traditional2

Relationships and Marriages are like airplanes in flight, at least in some ways.

1st of all, the 2 of you have space to be comfortable and safe inside the vessel. (stop and think about that)

2nd, at times there will be turbulence, from the OUTSIDE forces, but if the 2 of you remain calm and supportive, the turbulence will pass as it always does and you 2 can continue on ur peaceful journey (stop and think on that one too)

3rd, the 2 of u are headed in the same direction, so as long as u 2 come together and have a shared vision, the conflicts are reduced (so to single folks, be sure to discuss each others visions for the future before committing)

so when turbulence hits, (and it will) those who bail out with their parachutes, will NEVER know the beauty felt in experiencing a full and complete journey… sure you can hop from plane to plane, and sure you’ll find temporary joy, BUT only those who remain connected for a full flight will know the beauty found inside of that… IT IS SPIRITUALLY STRENGTHENING when u truly understand it (stop and think on that too


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