A Message from a Lesson for My Daughter


if you read it, I know you’ll love it and might even feel inspired

Myrie said: Ugh, something bad happens everyday for me

Me: You getting hurt or feel unsafe somewhere?

Myrie: No it’s just little stuff

Me: Let me tell you about my day … I brought you to school, came back to teach my classes, I had to RE-WRITE a 7 page paper AND had to finish it in 2 hours, then I had to go downtown for a conference, and I did NOT EAT lunch… then it was 4 and I had to pick you up, and get back to fix you dinner and go to my class at 6pm adn turn in my paper that i just totally RE-DID earlier that day
(I paused and then went on)

I didn’t complain about any of this… and HERE’S WHY
I’m happy about the job I have because I love what I do, so no complaints.
Yes I had to totally redo a paper I had already finished BUT I’m so happy I get to be in grad school.
Going to the conference and having to walk a half mile to and from my car was irritiating BUT i’m so happy to have a car
and pickign you up and then going to class is also awesome because you get to have an education adn we have a safe place to live and work and go to school and ENJOY OUR LIVES and the things we love

so YEA… every day of your life, there will be small things that annoy you or go wrong… but when you look at the WHOLE PICTURE of your life, you realize YOU ARE A VERY BLESSED PERSON and being appreciative is the ONLY OPTION


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