The reality of freedom


We exist inside & outside of the nations we call home.

While you are inside of the land, your life’s course is not bound to the limits that they nation is in.

You are more free than the nation, which is bound in connection & rules & expectations. A nation requires the agreement of many to make decisions.

You are only bound to your own mind.

Freedom is your natural born state of mind.

You choose the rules you will follow, your philosophies, your actions, etc.

You make you.

We are a negotiation with ourselves of what we will accept or reject.

You are more free than you appear to be because most of us choose to accept some of the expectations of others, yet no matter what life we choose,

it remains OUR CHOICE

Inspired by watching a documentary of Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity.

The speed of an object appears very different to a person standing inside the space it’s moving than to a person standing outside that space.


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