Child of the dArk


I dove ocean deep beneath waves of foam

this darkened space where shadows roam

I lost my fears

it’s the dark that I call my home

the dark, he does not point toward flaws

inside this space all time goes on pause

i am cloud dancing free form

there are no rules to my rhythm

here in the dark

it does not demand of me

it accepts me as I be

so radiantly

I am the light that lives in the dark

shadow-play ballet I sway

it’s sometimes the way children play

and other’s i simply breathe and lay

like lily flowers

on water surfaces

the only witnesses are those who come closest

and so the dance of darkness

it goes on

we phantoms more vibrant than stars we are

the hope springs moving unseen

we dark matter binding uniting universal distances

cause we are infinite

I am a child of the dArk

and inside the shadow of night

I hide my heart


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