The Old Man’s Message (part 2)

Old Man 4

The crescent crevice crisply rising above his eyes

told me of the many times he’d raised those brows in wonder

at the miracles and hilarious moments of his children

The clustered clouds of ash upon the bends of his fingers

whispered of long hours laboring lovingly to feed the bellies

of those within his care

the wild winsome woven tapestry crowning his head

told me of a free spirit that emerged as years removed his youthful worries

about tidiness

and replaced them with a lasting love of living

the sweeping sway swishing between his feet

told me of lessons learned of lingering to savor moments

as opposed to speeding toward some distant uncertain future

The glimmer of light that fired elegantly inside the smile of his eyes

told me of a life lived of love

burdens most assuredly but the love was the part he remembers now most of all

❤ The old man’s message is


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