The House That Became a Home That Became a House Again


*the following poem was written while listening to Omen by Disclosure & Sam Smith

The vacant solitude of a house

No contents It feels purposeless

The architect prepared its structure

for occupancy

detailed the perfect balance of elements

for serenity of any who’d choose this address

for their own

From pile of resources and material

the house has grown

into a space ready to be made

a home

Someone entered, what a beautiful day

set up furniture, painted the walls

The curtains were divine

The house felt complete and contemplated

the beauty of this connection

One evening the occupant didn’t return

and the home became cold with worry

A week passed by and dust layered all

that the occupant had left inside

A month, and then two

home became house again

solitary but no longer vacant

the occupant left behind changes

the walls, the contents,

and slowly these became dingy reflections

of what they were before

The house was transformed

and wants to remove all signs of the past

“Perhaps I should burn myself down

then I’d be rid of this emptiness”.

“No!” cries the tree beside. “If you do that

then I too will surely die.”

In that realization the house realized

“Perhaps I’m not a home, but my presence

has impact.”

The house remains

but longs to be a home


See the video & hear the song that inspired this here:


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