Love Versus Fear


if icicles crash onto the floor

will it miss piercing

the heat of their fog

lifting over the tangos

they dance between thighs parting

that recreate physical interpretation

of the union of their hearts

those icy shards of death


these trapped tear drops fighting

to escape their icy form

slowly under passion flames

it’s a battle between

staying inside the winter suffering

or letting love’s sunrise evaporate

the barrier

the tears long for the sun

to set them free

so they too can dance with the wind


they say thin line right?

It’s just an analogy that’s near but not true to reality

love’s heat melts the frozen exterior

and brings down dangerous glacier

edges that formed around the gentlest hearts

if we fall into the flames

we lose only this prison

hold on baby

if we let go

we’ll never survive

the storm

tomorrow’s coming

I’m ready

to ride with the sun


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