The Dream of Artists Is Not What It Seems

0913151447 - Copy

The dream misunderstood by outsiders seems to be a seeking for widespread acclaim and the illusive world of fame. What they don’t realize is… the dream is the full realization of the message, the art, to continually let the flow move through mountain of cellular structures, that houses the flowing ocean that is spirit.

The art is the waterfall dancing before your eyes, and if we, the artists, fail to capture this image in the moment it arrives, the composition will change, as it forever does. We are the vessels that channel the seas of INFINITY in order to create something brilliantly unique.

The mountain that is ME LOVES the mountain that is YOU, and I am anxiously awaiting the next waterfall creation your essence expresses into art.

The dream of an artist is ever flowing creation, and if some material success is granted so be it, but it was never the purpose of the waterfall’s flow, just a possible result if the world of mountains deemed it worthy of financial transactions.


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