I’m the Ruler of This

Perhaps you didn’t hear me the first time I laid it out for you

maybe i need to carve this into the side of a mountain and drag it into your front yard

So you don’t forget, and have a source for reference nearby that cannot be damaged easily

by the forces of nature or providence

I am the president and dictator of her path and your opinions or of little to no consequence

Your role is diminutive in the grand scheme of it, although perhaps you didn’t get the memo

who you are to he, does not promote you to equality in the world of our seed

There is nothing that she needs in the area of maternity,

the presence is thoroughly fulfilled

Don’t object to any comments I’ve taught her, nor share any opinions on how I’ve raised her

Last time I checked, I was managing this solo before your attachment to him became evident

Stand back, know your place, In the words of Kendrick, Sit down, Be humble

then there will be no issues to express

I’m president and dictator of her development, and whether or not you agree is irrelevant

she is permanently within my domain of education and protection

whether in or outside of my borders

like ambassadors under international immunity

Here’s the engraving in a poetic mountain

Let it serve as reminder next time you start to speak

to her


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