Love is all of this and more

couple dancing

Love is a solution seeker

is a treatment and a cure for ailments

Love is a path unending

the journey is always greater than destination

Love is a reason and a motivation

for greatness

Love never abandons

though it can get angry

it never leaves

Love finds reasons to remain

far greater than any frustration

Love does not deny pain’s right to exist

Love persists

and in that action of sustaining

love is the thread binding

two into one

many into family

millions into a civilization

all moving union over waves

Love is that vessel

that protects its inhabitants

from elements

and opens doorways into

wisdom’s greatest lights

love is brilliance and energetically


Love is the path to immortality

Love is the music souls dance to

like tango

Love is a home

a fire in the cold

a breath of life to body, mind and soul

it is the river of life

Love is …

It simply

is …

so let’s dance, Love


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