I have a problem


This may come off as offensive but

fuck it

i have a problem with white women

who date brown men

And that may seem strange since my mother

was once one of them

after all that’s how she made me

but it’s not all of them

just some of them

just the ones who take these men

as a vacation destination

just some exotic stop along their way back

to what’s white

I mean… right

according to their family’s standards

just like i despise how he asked

if i had a fetish for dark men with dreads

No  mother fucker and before you said that ignorant shit

i was curious about the depth of thoughts inside your head

but question answered before it was asked

and I despise those guys who see mixed features

as a sample of some exotic item on the buffet

I’ve never had one of these before

so they put a little piece on their tray

passing by with no intent to stay

I have a problem with people who play

outside color lines for entertainment

This ain’t no circus show

where you can drop your peanuts

on the floor then get up and go

this is… a heart a soul

not a tourist attraction

this is… a home

Don’t take up occupancy

when you can’t abide by the contract

move along sir and ma’am

there’s nothing for you here

this is a “love only” establishment

and we don’t serve your kind here


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