I Wanna Hold Your Hand

Copy of phoenix background

I wanna hold your hand

remind your spirit

that the light you feel burning hot within

is exactly as brilliant as you want it to be

I wanna shine a light of understanding

onto the insanity that this world can be at times

walking blind folded is never the answer

keep your eyes open

and your heart just the same

take time out to play no matter your age

with others who walk the way you do

no matter if they look like you

just that they move like you

those who will rise up with you

they will come

to you

I wanna show you that in this time and space

it all feels like wet clothes clinging to skin

the sting of words so hard to remove

I know the world feels like it’s handcuffing you and pushing you back into a wall sometimes

and your rebellious actions are the misunderstood

screams from your soul

because you just

want to


I wanna hold your hand

and show you that the shadows blinding you are


just like blindfolds are

and they will throw rocks at you

will throw knives at you

they will throw water onto you and it’s hard to say for certain

if they intend harm or

if they’re just as afraid as we are

yes they will throw at you

and you will not always understand why

but I will hold your hand and pull you back to the center

so you can get a clearer picture

I want to show you

that we were once just like you

and we’ve seen both sides of this battle

and at times

we’re still fighting just the same

this life is a battle field

just as much as a playground

so don’t forget

to play

and smile

you are powerful beyond the measures of this world

you escape the chaos

when you learn to see

the patterns

learn to see past the powers they pretend to be

I will show you how to see

with not just two eyes but three

your power is inside waiting to be


I wanna hold your hand

and show you

how to fly


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