Spirit Energy – Can you feel it?

Copy of phoenix background

About to get deep with this one… GET READY!

We are energies with a conscious that are extensions of the God Spirit. The God Spirit is expanding through our experiences here on Earth. As our energies expand and the God Spirit’s energy expands, the Universe also expands. It has to make space for the ongoing growth.

How do we expand and grow? We grow by interacting inside this physical world. We are sent into this existence on a path to reach understanding of who we are, who is God, and to connect with other spirits. As we experience things in our lives, our Spirits are shaped by it. Our spiritual health has a direct impact on our bodies. The more balanced our spirits are the healthier our entire lives are.

You ever noticed how a person who’s a drug addict has most often experience trauma in their life? Maybe it was abuse or death of a caregiver, etc. Adults who become addicts may have started their drug habit after long term unemployment or divorce, or some other tragedy. The drug use is an unhealthy reaction to seeking healing for the hurt energy of the spirit.

The more at ease you feel, the easier it is to achieve and move through life. Challenges will arise, tragedies will come and go. Our reactions to them determines the future health of our spirits and of our lives.

When we pass away from this physical world through what we call “death” it is a transition back to the Spirit form. We take with us all our experiences, and our reactions to it. We take that energy back to the source, and in that way the entire universe is affected by our lives.

Do we return? Why not? If spirits have a consciousness, why can’t they choose to come and go from this physical world. If a Spirit enjoyed their first trip, why wouldn’t they want to come back? Imagine how awesome it would be to have a unique experience each time, to develop something about your energy again, and continue the cycle of development for the collective God/Spirit.

We feel the energy all around us. If you’re not sure you’ve ever felt the spirit energy of the World, do this. Sit in a natural environment, away from the noise of cities and crowds. You can walk, sit still, or lay down. and just breathe. As you are there and disconnecting from the chaos and noise, in the silence of nature, notice the feeling that comes over your body. THAT’S your spirit rising it’s impact on you. Once you’ve felt that, learn how to bring that spiritual awareness back through prayer and meditation no matter where you are.

All parts of life and creation have energies. Energies are ETERNAL. No one can deny that. People only deny the essence of a spirit because it doesn’t exist inside the color spectrum that physical eyes can see.

Once there was a time that we didn’t realize there were sounds that existed outside our perception, but now we have found ways to detect high and low frequency sounds that our ears cannot detect. I believe that the spirit energy of the universe is simply something our physical eyes cannot perceive, BUT our spirits can FEEL each other when we learn WHAT THEY FEEL LIKE.

Expand your senses, Love.


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