She Carries Me I Carry Her – Poems about her


I carry her like she carried me

deep in her center, her womb,

a power that she barely understood

the child she held there was building the beginnings of me

so in that way she carried me just the same

love-protected-safe haven-heaven-candle light of spirit

she left her presence

and I carry her essence

in the spirit that she protected


I am reflecting her love

like prisms catching the rays

and releasing it in brilliant waves of light ribbons

She carried the flowers I gave as a teen

it bloomed and spread out its seeds

from one home to the next

she carried me with her

inside the ascension of her spirit to Heaven

she holds me there now

and when waves of reminiscent longing take over me

I feel her hugs and hear her whisper

“baby, I’m here…



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