Invitation Only

flyer part 2

I have a tendency to not say what’s on my mind without invitation.

I’m of the understanding that people will receive messages more readily when they are requested bits of information,

rather than hearing the emotions or statements or opinions that linger inside

the silence

Am I right or wrong for doing this?

No one can be sure.

Yet, in all things, we have to choose what our direction or methods will be.

No method is ever the right-est way.

All ways of handling situations have their different results.

The silence though keeps things as they are in many occasions.

There is no redirection of the current path without the speaking of these thoughts

So one has to ask,

if you say nothing or if you only hint at it and hope they get it

are you comfortable with the direction the path is now on?

Or would you prefer a different destination?

Is there a possible destination that is unwanted?

Would speaking it lead to the desired or unwanted results?

and in that moment…

when you cannot determine which direction this shift in travel would lead

the fear brings you back to the


and the path rolls on

So back to where we began

I have a tendency to keep my thoughts silent

unless they are invited


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