An ancient concept of time from West Africa – Inspired by Prof Bradley Pollock


I remember one of my favorite professors explaining the ancient African concept of time as this river that moved toward us and met us in the space we exist. He said in ancient times, only now and the past were believed to be real, since only THEY had left physical evidence of their passing through, the same way a hiker leaves footprints in dirt, and pushes branches out the way.

But for the ancients, future was a thing of dreams, and no one was certain it would ever be.

Often we make judgments as if the future is definite, just like last year, or the year before, but … deep inside, we ALL know better.

Yet as uncertain as we are about the time we will be here on this planet, in this life, it’s not a reason to despair. It’s a reason to feel, to touch, to love, to argue, to grow, to learn, to EXPAND what we are. Like the way our brains fold in to make more surface area for information, our spirits are limitless in their ability to grow.

THIS IS THE PERSPECTIVE that tells me to NEVER delay connection. To value what matters most.

It’s much easier to see the value of a thing or a person or an experience, when you understand how

easily & quickly the opportunity can be gone.

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