Weed or a Flower?

wild rose

When bubbles were the most glorious thing we’d ever seen

Crumbly cookies were heaven sent

when naptimes were our greatest enemy

and bedtime kisses were the sweetest

That’s when all lives mattered

Til the sprouts took shape

and some called weeds and others flower buds adorned

though really, they were the same in form

Poisons, violent assaults applied liberally

Isolation, division

This inequity is the reason ALL lives matter

is insulting

cause the ones called flowers are the only ones thriving

#BlackLivesMatter #ArabSpring #BlackSpring

Even when the “flower” kills the vegetation in the garden, suffocates its neighbors, guns them down

It still gets to be a “flower”

This poem was inspired by a memory of someone saying “One person’s weed is another’s flower”

Pay attention.


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