Was it Worth It?


Was she the candy drop between your lips

And did you drip your honey in her slit

Did she etch her hieroglyphs across the wall of your back

And did you leave reddened cave man hand prints when you smacked


Glasses on headboards smashing like sugar crystals

Cause she was polishing your steel pistol

Was she every touch you needed in that moment

The air was heavy with rain drops to hide your tears

When your world got heavy with responsibility

You hid between her hips to blind your fear

And caught years of hell when you went for her exit

You thought you were on vacation but your seed was

Setting up real estate

A nine month lease that turns to eight


You were the pauper who coulda been king

But you let your fears of man level ways of things

Bow you down to your knees

You thought this was all just a swift tease and please

but you foreclosed on our home

over getting a little



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