This Is Not About You


This is not about you

so when i cry, comfort me

don’t tell me how you didn’t do it

This isn’t about you after all

It’s not about how uncomfortable it makes you feel

when I nearly vomit from anger knowing the barrel gaping like a cave into my father’s eyes

was paid for by tax dollars from my mother’s homeland

when my hands shake with understanding that having brown skin automatically offends

certain sensibilities & it’s not about clutching pearls or purses

these verses are … not … about… you

It’s about 12 year old fragile soft baby boy gunned down on playgrounds

and not in inner city concrete jungles

this is suburbia His own safe haven not safe in his own safe haven

under cover of wings of father and mother

it’s about the blood rivers flowing from Brown thrown down to ground

by psychotic badge toting superhero grand theft auto wannabe

who sees nothing beyond brown & white

but this is not about you

don’t tell me how you’ve done this or that

or how you refuse to support the damnation and violence upon innocence

you’re altruistic really

when the South Carolina execution of 3 Muslim students

saw no retribution from their homeland

we live in the land

where badges grant permission to execute

and white skin grants you clearance of collective blame from the crimes

of those who look just like you

wish the rest of us got the same

privilege as you

but this … is NOT ABOUT YOU

it’s about the system that you support by your silence

by your choice to not rally at capital steps

to demand amendments to police job requirements

the power lays in the hand of those who look just like



because talking before audiences of friends isn’t gonna save anyone’s lives

If you don’t want this to be about… you

then FORCE the hands that kill to suffer the same as the blood they spill

Until you do… this… is not… about … you

It’s about the darker shades needing to guard against those who look just like you

so I’m sorry but I’m not sorry if this bothers you

Cause this is not about you

it’s about the father I almost lost

the fear that lurks daily like a stalker with unknown identity

It could be any one who looks … like… you

How can you blame others for fearing you

when it hides inside quiet neighborhood streets,

cars, homes, and churches open doors

We don’t feel safe here any more

Living life like a TERRORIST REGIME

in this

land of the


Just because you didn’t pull the trigger or say the word n*

doesn’t mean you’ve done anything worth praising

this is to everyone who replies to statements of suffering

by saying “I didn’t do it” or “I really want it to be better”


THIS is not about … you

Unless you got more to give

than words that vaporize

into … nothing more than lies

How long do we have til another one dies?


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