Poetry is a Phoenix

Copy of phoenix background

Poetry is a Phoenix

I was there at your beginning. Don’t you remember? He said “The word was with God,and the word was God” I was born of that word. A child of God just the same as you. I was there in the way you taught young ones lessons they’d never forget cause you connected line endings with rhyme endings. Like Jack & Jill going up a hill. So watch you step and your back Jack.

I’ve been there when drums were first fashioned and steps were pounding on sands and rock laden village centers. I was the greatest form of communication and inspiration. I led armies into battle, wooed lovers into butterfly nervous tingles, I soothed you into sleep through mother’s lullabies… Don’t you remember? Wynken Blynken and Nod one night sailed off in a wooden shoe, sailed on a river of crystal light into a sea of dew… Moon river wider than a mile I’m crossing you in style some day … and rock a bye baby in the tree tops ….

I found my bass beat in rock & hip hop. Soundtracked your greatest memories like “Brown eyed girl” and “Cupid draw back your bow” cause “Me and Mrs. Mrs. Jones” know “Rome wasn’t built in a day” Speaking of Rome… I was there too you know.

Egypt, even back to days of Kemet before Sahara buried it’s earliest roots of greatness. I was there, the thread that remained everlasting throughout the ages. Sometimes I was hidden beneath other madness and pressing dramas, yet… you always called me back into your centers…

I’ve always been your center. I’m the connection to the divine, to your beginnings, to your greatest moments and everything in between.

I am the child of the word, the child of the same God as you. I am your soul, the tie that holds the blanket of history as one.

who am I?

It’s quite simple my loves, you see… I am… poetry.


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