Journal Moments


You grow accustomed to being misunderstood, in time. When you find joy in walks in rain, and drawing on sidewalks, just as much as a frozen margarita in some way-too-loud bar, where laughter is the only sound steadily distinguishable.
 It’s a beautiful thing really, being misunderstood. When you really think about it. People who are easy to figure out often seem boring. It’s the mystery I think that keeps the energy alive. When there’s always a question: Why? to ask, there is always… interest.
So yes, I’ve grown accustomed to this, and really I feel HONORED to be appreciated for my quirky, indefinable traits, and the only habit I have is seeking random awesome-ness & being a present helpful force where ever the Universe/God leads me. I know sometimes my energy & mystery & the constant wondering “what is she really doing?” has exhausted a few along the way.
I never said it was easy loving someone difficult to figure out. I guess we tend to think if we love someone we must “understand” them or “get” them. There must be some resolution to the “getting to know you” phase right? But that’s not the case in my life… I don’t even fully understand HOW I am… I just… am. 🙂 So if you find the idea of never really understanding an attractive & even beneficial element, you know where to find me
❤ I’m surely not perfect, never claimed to be. I only claim to be, exactly who I am & imperfect as we all are, if we dwell on the so-called “imperfections” we’d waste our lives away in seeking an illusive goal that will never arrive.
What you can be sure of is… if you are you, if you seek happiness, if you EXPERIENCE life as your SOUL longs for, you will find that there is nothing more perfect… than that. And that’s all that God sent you here to do anyway

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