What I Learned While Feeling Depressed

block party

We all know the typical symptoms of depression: sleep disruptions (either too much or too little), fatigue, unwillingness to participate in life at normal levels, moodiness, eating disruptions (either too much or too little) etc.

For some people this is an almost constant state of being, and it’s these folks that usually require medication to balance out the chemicals & hormonal messages that control emotions.

However, for the rest of us, depression can set in with all the same mayhem, only with shorter duration. Temporary depression could be linked to regular hormonal fluctuations or perhaps exposure to a chemical or food that alters the brain functions for a short time. MOST COMMONLY short term depression is caused by high levels of stress or worry. When a life event is PERCEIVED as tragic or traumatic by the individual, their body often reacts in ways that create the same symptoms as long term depression.

Some researchers have theorized that if the stressor or the preception of it as a stressor, continues for an extended time period, what was once short term can become an almost permanent state of being.


It seems that all the symptoms of depression point toward a desire to reach the “end” quicker.

Sounds horrible, right? Maybe you even cringed at the thought.

I did too.

But look at what the depressed person does. They sleep way too much OR not enough. They eat way too much or not enough. They become less physically active.

By eating & sleeping in unhealthy patterns, while being inactive, are we not creating a situation for reduced health & faster mortality?

SO IF YOU’RE DEPRESSED (or the next time you feel that way) remember this: YOU DO NOT WANT TO DIE because of a temporary situation. and YES ALL SITUATIONS ARE TEMPORARY. You will see the sunlight on the other side. I assure you. Just ask any person over the age of 70 how many times they went through times like you are facing right now.

These things come and these things go. So be mindful of your symptoms.

The BEST MEDICINE is sunlight, fresh air, and music. Distract yourself on purpose for 30 minutes to an hour or more a day. You NEED this recharge if you are going to find SOLUTIONS to whatever the stressful event is in your life.

24 hour worry & sulking isn’t going to make the answer come to you. Your soul, mind, & body NEED to be refreshed daily UNTIL you find your way over the mountain that blocks your view of the sun.


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