HB 359 The Bill Pertaining to Sexual Education in Louisiana: My Perspective


While I understand the need to properly educate children on the proper care of their bodies, & sexual development & the risks & health topics related, I MUST EXPRESS THE FOLLOWING:

As a parent, it is MY RESPONSIBILITY first & foremost to teach my child/children this information.

It should be my decision to present or restrict such information to my child. Therefore here is my suggestion to the federal & state legislatures.

Sexual education should NEVER be mandatory at any school in a public system, whether it be charter, standard public school, or any other institution that is considered public education.

While it can be made AVAILABLE to parents if they choose to enroll their kid in THAT SPECIFIC CLASS, it should NEVER BE MANDATORY as this violates the rights of parents to educate their children VIA THEIR OWN FAMILY BELIEF SYSTEMS.

HB 359 was voted down by the House & I personally agree to the decision made by the house, because this law removes parent’s rights to control their child’s education.

IN THE FUTURE, if a bill is presented, it can state that public schools should make a class available  & require parental consent before administering it to children. ANY FUTURE LAW should provide ALTERNATIVE classes that can be selected. SEX ED SHOULD BE AMONG MANY AVAILABLE ELECTIVES and NEVER as a mandatory component of education.

Thank you for reading.


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