Gender Identity Ed Vs Creationism Ed: My Perspective

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THESIS: Belief systems have NO place in schools. Education is meant to prepare children to someday be successful in the career of their choice. Any deviation from that aim goes against what we value as Americans.

Now, let me explain what I mean. 

I am not for or against EITHER of these ways of living in your home. If you choose to experience “gender fluidity” as it is currently called, that is your right. If you choose to teach your family creationism at home, that also is your right.

What IS NOT your right, is to impose your belief onto others through the medium of PUBLIC education. The majority of American families depend on free public education to prepare for their futures, & there is an immense diversity of beliefs & cultures represented across our nation. That is a beautiful thing, & something we need to protect.

As a result of this diversity, it is NOT APPROPRIATE for belief systems to be presented at school. School is designed for English, Math, History, & Science. Why? Because these are the foundations of a wide range of careers later in life. In addition to these CORE subjects, we’ve identified the need for arts & physical exercise at school, BECAUSE none of these presents BELIEF SYSTEMS. They TEACH facts and SHAPE necessary skills.

If we start adding beliefs such as creationism & gender identity to schools, WHERE DOES IT END?

Will we have to present religious education for all religions within the United States? There are well over 10 religions currently in practice in the United States (Pew, 2015.) When would we have time for our core subjects if we made space for ALL of these?

After that, are we expected to teach children about all the different cultural practices present? Do we need to teach about the “emo lifestyle,” the gang lifestyle, the “plushies?” (For info on what a “plushy” is, see here: )

Bottom line is, when we include belief systems in our public schools, we open up a Pandora’s box of endless lifestyles that have NO PLACE in the public school system.


Thank you for reading. ❤

Pew Research Center. (2015) America’s Changing Religious Landscape.


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