Gender Identity and Restrooms

usa woman 2

If we allow transgender people to choose the bathroom they feel most comfortable in, we create other issues.

I know the supporters of this initiative see it as making transgender people more accepted & comfortable,


#1 What’s to stop a violent man from dressing as a woman & victimizing girls & women? A sexual abuser can use this as a means of entering a women’s restroom more easily than they could under current requirements.

#2 A woman who identifies as a man is more likely to be harassed & assaulted when using a men’s restroom. We are not at a place where it is safe in either situation.

#3 We cannot expect all businesses to be able to provide 3 restrooms yet, when the majority of current infrastructure provides the plumbing system to accommodate TWO restrooms only.

In the end THIS IS NOT A PRESSING ISSUE. Yes we want transgenders to have the right to walk about society unaccosted for their gender choice, BUT BEFORE WE MAKE CHANGES to our public restrooms, we MUST consider how it will affect the entire society. Use the restroom that MATCHES YOUR GENITALS, not your clothing.


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