Did you ever question you mission?

momas lvoe

did you ever once stop to question

your mission

it’s taken you through struggle and pain

and you just want the basics

willing to share affluence to change the


so the others can rise up

and do the


all admirable and truly a blessing you are

for believing and acting so selflessly

that you put gas in a struggling woman’s car

you bought a meal for someone who had only dollar one

but at his 250 6’4 size betrayed that he needed much more

than he could afford

yes altruistic is what that is

purely really

but you suffer to make ends meet

cause income levels are depleted by inflation

that rises while your pay stays steady

they say aren’t you ready to give in

admit defeat ?

do you ever stop to question

your mission

when student loans you took

to gain education for a better income

now rob you of your income

cause you don’t make enough

to get the basic stuff


do you ever stop to question your mission ?

when he fails to put his own plans on pause to provide

claims himself to be sacrificing but you aint seen a dime

in more time than it takes a bill to pass congress

he saying how he passed a test in class

but can’t rub 2 cents together to attend to

the life you and he created

so you struggle to smile and develop your seed

you pause patiently to teach wise lessons

and rise her up to succeed

ensure she understands compassion

is the only way society can thrive

but you

can’t get the basic level of middle class living

a home, food, and a car

can’t maintain these basics

cause the setup

got you fedup

but somehow

you remain steady

you still stop to give sunglasses to the homeless man

when sun is glaring as he stands for 8 hours begging

you will encapsulate your worry inside an ingestible coating

so that you can swallow the way these tears are like lava burning at your insides

but erupting would be damaging the emotions of those nearby

so you hold your boiling rage within

and it eats your insides

did you ever stop to question your mission?

i reply that complaining never brought about anything but pity

and sometimes anger

and for those who cared an ounce or more

it just brought them down

i don’t want to bring you down with this story

I’d rather remind you that you are powerful beyond any measure

and point you to higher grounds

I can only do what is within my power

and if it means swallowing down this fire

just to see a smile

just to see that I didn’t cause someone else any pain

I know this sounds insane

but what does me pouring this out create

will any of this confession elevate my state?

so I’ve never questioned my mission

I only question the system

that dominates


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