American Oxygen (poem inspired by a song)

Copy of ninja girl

let me be the vessel

holding on to what their stories breathe

I filter out the screams and feed em

to you

so you can handle the reality

let’s be the fountains releasing these

tears into oxygen

let it slip into your circulation

consuming all that you are

we are the recievers of stories

clouds connecting with evaporation

Let us rain down

this truth on to you

This America Our America

is possessed by demons

and it’s time for exorcism


holy water of tears

breathing this fog

will lift

let’s be the wind

raising the curtain

see clearly

even when they don’t want

we never had choice between

relief and suffering

so then you will hold the screaming babies

 in your cerebullum

will be the hospital bed to dying dreams

we are the fountains calling you to witness

this is the time of cleansing

we are the New America

Written While Listening to


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