Legends of We

meme 4

Legends like prophets     Walking holy lands

Rita Katrina Bushes Murdoch and Koch Brothers

Flooding the plains of these lower lands

Southern but never beneath

We are foundation

You cannot stand without the seeds

Of this fiery hot land where heat pressurizes

The power rises

Harriet Tubman to Solomon Northrup

Mark Essence New Orleans Royalty

Fighting for justice Forget about your music royalties

Went from no rights to voting rights, civil rights

Fair housing and Brown vs board

Brown symbolism rising again

We ready to destroy systems

Face to face with your war

On black brown and poor

All shades included

World war III aint about nukes and missiles

In some distant Nostradamus predictions

We already on the missions

Legends of We   Legends of Me

Our ancestors singing like Holiday

And Simone

Prophets and soldiers

Pennies from Heaven they send

We see the circle is unbroken

Never forget from where you came

And never forget where you’re goin

This Legacy This Mission one and the same

Legends of We

Legends of Me


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