River God ( NaPoWriMo Poem 13 of 30 )

he and she
My heart aches for your worry.
You warrior swimming with currents
that keep switching their directions
but you keep rising
against the mayhem
No, not mayhem
more like challenges
an obstacle course inside a riverbed
and you are diving willingly
to navigate through challenges
ejecting yourself momentarily
just to catch a breath
… Let me be your fresh air purifying
your senses
evaporate the heavy weights of water soaked skin
Let you breathe deep and remember that
is sometimes the best option
your habit is management
keep things in their places
tidy & ordered
so that all these ends
can be maintained
maybe that’s where i come in
to pull you out the river once in a while
and kiss your eyes with my sunshine
More than most of the time
God knows the design long before we do
and he just waits for us
to catch up to it

This is part 1 of our story
I’ll get to my needs in part 2


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