Nature of Life (NaPoWriMo 6/30)

sunset and beach

it’s hard to find reasons for these changes
these cycles of revolution
it’s the constant state of things
humanity so opposed to fluctuations
battling what is most natural
it’s the stagnation that brings death

for life is always in motion
one phase leads into the next,
they overlap
and scientists try to create these clear cut boundaries
where one ends and the
next begins
but like lovers melted into embraces
if you look close enough
you’ll see
that two blended in to become one
this one unit of
we are spiritually united
though physical perception
life is a never ending expanse like ocean

swimming is easy when fearless

the fighters are going under

not pausing long enough to see

the movement’s bigger picture

and we are floating inside this expanse
hovering and some grasping for
in an existence thriving on
STOP battling the currents



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