If We Were God


If God were a man… he’d hold her hand & calm her soul

He’d embellish her skin with kisses and dance with her on front porches

He’d remember to daily pause the world and escape into their own fortress of solitude

inside of each other

If God were a man… he’d never abandon or destroy

he’d build upon her and within her, development, progress, rejuvenation

If God were a woman… she’d speak sensuously or softly reaching his soul

with peace

she’d melt away his worries from shoulders and back used to carry the weight

of the world

If God were a woman She’d remember to join him in his pause and

her kisses would be the gauze and treatment for any wounds unseen

She’d lay into his arms like

surrender was second nature

and he’d protect her

they’d see reflection of need and desire realizing

they are the same

and these physical designs allowed the ability

for reunion

he and she being the sides of God in creation

we made in his image, meant to create Him

again and again

If we are the children of God,

let’s love like …him.


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