So You Want Love Huh?

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You are not the actions or choices of others and NEITHER is your happiness.

We set out expecting that the world owes us or that is should naturally respond to our desires with rapid reciprocity. We firmly believe that in WANTING something, we inevitably should receive it, so long as we’ve done no harm, and mean no harm. If our intentions are purely to love or enjoy the person or item, we believe it should be ours, WITHOUT question.


It is this belief that sets us up to be wounded.

When you want something, and believe that it should be yours, you are susceptible to great wounds if that person or item is not to be yours. REMEMBER THIS… the choice of a person to not unite with you is NEVER a reflection of your worth. The choice of a person to lie or cheat or speak harshly to you or to use you IS … NEVER … A … REFLECTION … OF YOUR… WORTH.

A lot of the heartbreak we feel is due to the assumption that if only we were “better” then that person or item would be ours. THAT IS A LIE.

You are exactly as you are meant to be, and just as you have freedom of choice, so do all other things. If you choose to plant roses instead of daisies, it doesn’t take away from the miracle that a daisy is. It simply means you CHOSE something different. Some gardeners will have no flowers for many years, while others will have far too many and end up neglecting them altogether.

YOU WANT A PATIENT gardener. a FAITHFUL gardener, who chooses you WITHOUT you having to do ANYTHING but be YOU.

REMEMBER AGAIN:  Your value is not dependent upon the acceptance of any one else. You are a miracle,and as Maya Angelou wrote and said “You are someone’s dream that became reality.”


First of all, you must be free of distraction. A lot of us have our vision blinded by past people who perhaps wounded us or acted selfishly with the love we offered. ERASE THAT. You are a prisoner to it only if you choose. ALL PEOPLE ARE FREE TO CHOOSE. and you are free to choose to stay with someone who mistreats you or to leave. YOU ARE ALSO FREE to erase the fog of that when you AGAIN REMEMBER Your Value Is Not Dependent Upon The Acceptance Of Any One Else.

Why did they hurt you? cheat? Lie? Take you for granted?

Because THEY are human. They are flawed, just like you. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY they did not see you as the dream and miracle that you are. AND THAT’S OKAY. That person simply was not for you, so if you shake it off and get to living again FREELY open of spirit. You will find that love comes to you far more quickly.

DO NOT CLOSE UP BEHIND DOORS because YOU are now the only one who is guilty for your state.

IT IS NO ONE ELSE’S FAULT. I don’t care how much they hurt you or pissed you off, or whatever. YOU ARE THE ONE WHO DECIDES HOW YOU WILL LIVE.

We ALL choose our current state. So how will you choose to live?

Yea someone MIGHT take the time to get through your walls, BUT WHY should he or she have to? OPEN UP. You and ONLY you have the power to let love in.

You are someone’s dream that became reality. BE THAT.


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