love opportunity quote

… I wanted to tell you

confess it

but felt like witness taking stand in a trial of my own guilt

… felt like possible self incrimination … when…

my only crime

… was love…

so if that be the charge

.. i’ll plead guilty

sign the contract of defeat with my tears and it was

… this… fear…

that kept me trapped inside the fifth amendment … silent

… my mind the attorney advising me that my safest option was the absence of speech,

my heart pleading from the court room seats

… cause you were the waters nourishing my soul,

the waves that soothed my raging fires …

you were the ocean i long to float with in… your love

… maddening how it took the fear of losing you forever

to overpower my defenses

… i was losing you for fear of losing you…

how foolish was that?

and looking back … i see the lesson

… and stepping forward I’ve got all reasons for flowing along with you…

cause I finally lept off that high rise tower I locked myself inside,

and found the greatest freedom

… inside the depths of your soul…

the fear is temporary…

and this love… is eternal.

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