How to Catch a Butterfly

Dorothy and Harry

The best way I can think to describe this is: catching a butterfly. You know how most people have the visual of swinging a net around as they try to capture a butterfly. It’s an image popularized in cartoons over the years. Only that method doesn’t really work. For one thing, any rapid movements typically chase the butterfly away,and even if you are lucky enough to swing just the right way, chances are the net itself will either hurt the butterfly or be too open and it will escape.

So then what?

You have to understand that there is no way to “catch” a butterfly, but you can “attract” one. Butterflies are drawn to things that are still and safe, drawn to things that soothe and nourish its needs and spirit. That’s why sitting very still and showing the butterfly that you mean it no harm is the only way the butterfly will come to you. There is no safe way to capture it, but you can give it all reason to CHOOSE to land and stay with you.

Being a consistently safe and peaceful space.

When I fly around a bit to work on a project, a safe space is the point I look to return to. The butterfly looks for home, the safe place, a peaceful center where joy comes from.

Without that center, the butterfly is less powerful because it has to spend so much time flying around without a place to really rest.

Every butterfly longs to be home, but hates to be trapped.

Remember that.

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