Fools or maybe not?

love opportunity quote

Maybe “fools” is a overloaded word for this but I’m not sure what else to call it. Maybe uninformed, fearful, unknowledgeable, but can we really be 100% blamed for our lack of knowledge in a situation when we had little to NO guidance? We’re upset about the time lost, but we were making decisions from a place of fear and doubt, and without someone WISER, who’d been there before to tell us different, how would we have ever done differently?

Sure we can look back and SEE the evidence of what was there all along, but in that time, it didn’t look the same to us, because we had different knowledge at that point. We don’t blame the child who runs on a slippery sidewalk and falls down if he had no one to tell him better, any more than we should blame ourselves for the time lost to fear.

I’m excited that in reality, even though we weren’t fully “together,” we were ALWAYS together. Now, looking at what’s to come, I’m proud that we figured it out before any more time had passed.

In other words, I’m not mad at us. We were making decisions based on what we had previously known, and if anything can be gained from this, FIRST OF ALL it’s a hell of a lot of love AND motivation to express that love, BUT ALSO, we can teach others that come into our lives so THEY DON’T wait for love that was there all along.


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