What Now?


When Rihanna sings “What Now” it hits me, because I was & still am, the girl in this story: Let me explain

Here’s what I’ve learned —— when you know you’ll know “what now”… til then, let yourself just “exist” and experience life Be OPEN to joy and be open to making a positive impact on the world around you. When God sends to you, it’s because you stopped SEEKING and the answer came to you… the ANSWER IS just live and follow the path God sends you on… smile, cry, hug, scream, help…. and you’ll find that joy was right there the whole time… you just had to LET IT BE 

       Honestly, yea, I still feel like this from time to time… it’s not something that 100% goes away. When your spirit is on fire all the time, you can learn to direct the flames to be productive, the flame of a spirit is DEFINITELY a resource and NOT meant to be a hindrance… and you can learn to use them effectively for MOST of your life

But trust, the nature of fire is to rage again in short bursts (think of the Sun and bonfires). Don’t try to deny that. Accept it, BUT FIND A WAY to properly manage it. And allow life to bring people to you, who will be a part of that “fire control system”
Life and everything in it… including the immortal spirits move according to CYCLES… the ancient Chinese called this the “I Ching” … it’s a beautiful and natural thing so love it and live it


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