Random Writing: Confessions or something like it

couple amazing silhouette

(My recent posts are an attempt to write more personal, to be more directly honest about INTERNAL feelings. I will NOT abandon my poetry about social topics, but something tells me I need this personal release again. It’s been so long since I’ve allowed myself to be VULNERABLE in my poetry… and I think this relationship we are starting could benefit from me practicing vulnerability so that I don’t close off in protective mode as I have in the past.)

Ms. Naive tried so hard to believe she’d be content without you

So locked down so much

like my mother

in that one area

He needs to come to … ME

Never one to pursue

Not a lionness

i’m like butterfly on flowers

wondering if I get close to your


will I lose my wings

or will you carry me higher?

Too good to hold truth I feared you would disappear

like mirages

so i told myself

to keep moving onward and on

cause weak was what I called it but

didn’t see it was just vulnerable

and vulnerable isn’t a bad word

after all

Vulnerable means being open to feeling, open so that the other can see the inside truth of you, and your eyes … i know you saw me… completely

i couldn’t hide form you and that frightened me. I could get the others to love me more than I could love them but you

I have wanted you from the first moment you spoke to me

I don’t even know how I knew… but your voice

was comfort to my soul … peace in a tone like music from guitar

it moved me

you move me

and I… I don’t wanna close the door ever again


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