Maybe A Random Journal Entry

couple amazing silhouette

Maybe I’ve already had it, and it’ll never be again. Wouldn’t that be ashamed. Once too young to understand the thing, then wounded severely by the next. Yet maybe those were the only chances I’d have. Of course there were many offers. Some who were completely lost in the dark, thinking I’d be pleased to have their trinkets. These half baked concoctions.

Then there were some who wanted the bond to be instantaneous and flawlessly, as though the beginning process itself wasn’t intriguing enough. They wanted to fast forward to the union that only time and connection can build. And when it wasn’t there in fast food delivery time, they tried to force it by asking me to change this or that believing if I were “that” then we’d have that connection. Misguided fools, destined to keep making the same mistakes. You’re supposed to enjoy the time and growing to know the person AS THEY ARE if you are ever to have love.

Love isn’t a made to order entree, cooked up in God’s Kitchen, and set down just as you like on your table. People are not dishes that you can send back to have re-heated or made spicier to suit your tastes. How many people remain alone because they forget this?

I really feel these people look at other couples who ARE HAPPY, and they imagine that these two are just perfectly SUITED for each other. There’s no such thing as perfectly suited. There’s such a thing as PERFECTLY LOVING, as perfectly accepting, and connecting and building with the person AS THEY ARE AND AS YOU ARE. That’s what separates the weak couples from the strong.


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