Why are you still single?

couple amazing silhouette

Great men & women who are single get asked this question ALL the time. So in an effort to answer it… I wrote this.

They say “opposites attract” but I say bull s***. We are drawn to what is the same as us, same tendencies, same interests, same fears, same strengths and weaknesses. We feel directed toward what reflects us, until they start to get close, and suddenly the mirror makes us uncomfortable. and this is why some seem to choose people that are nearly their opposite. Not because they were drawn to them, but because they ran from where they really wanted to be, into what was NOT going to PUSH them into higher ascent spiritually.

It’s the same with intense passion. While lots of people do this, men do it more often than women. They pull away from the woman who raises their fires, from the woman who excites and inspires them on a deeper level. Don’t act like it’s not true. How many men and women do you know right now who chose to commit to someone that DOES NOT excite them? How often do these same people tell you they’re unhappy?

When people choose mates that have little in common with them, and don’t excite them passionately, they are signing up for years of boredom. Safe, boredom that will never urge them to greatness.

And here’s me… one of the passionate spirits that refuses to latch on to a spirit that isn’t on the same vibe as me. I’d rather be single than attached to someone who can’t feel me. Ya feel me?


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