My Moodiness


I’m not broken, but I’m definitely not totally as balanced as the “judges” of this world tell us we should be. I’m flawed, because I falter emotionally at times. I cry,

I let housework slide when I feel down. And when i feel that way it’s literally as though my spirit is … HEAVY. Like a weight, something saturated with… pain.

The answer is usually to FLUSH the system. We are ALL human spirits, with currents that receive and give off vibrations. This is why many people say to “surround yourself with positive energy.” It keeps the waters of your spirit CLEAN and flowing smoothly.

But even the most diligent person will at times be infiltrated by a flow of .. suffering. It could be from the pain of a life event, being in the presence of a pained spirit, or a CONFLICT within. Creativity is a natural part of the spirit and so is communicating. The conflicts within is most often a need to communicate something, either creatively or simply by having a WILLING spirit to receive that message when you speak it

We are SOCIAL because we are accustomed to being UNITED with other spirits. We are born from a union of brilliant energy, that most of us call God. It is our origin, and we crave connection with others born from that energy, not necessarily all the time, but certainly sometimes.

I’m writing this as a way of cleansing my current MOOD. I get this way at times, and I’ve found a few most common sources. If i’ve been around someone who is DEPRESSED, my empathy seems to pull me into their space, 2nd a traumatic event of some kind (obviously as it affects most people.) and 3rd, is a creative blockage that needs to be released.

Each of these is relieved in somewhat different ways. If i’ve been around someone depressed, I have to separate myself from the experience, recognize that I cannot change their feeling if they don’t want it to be changed. And find the worth of my own happiness is deserving of my being a little self-focused. Besides that, once again, if they choose to remain in their circumstances, HOW does my worry about them do anything to improve them?

It doesn’t.

All it does is drag my energies into this PLACE. And as a mother, I can’t afford to NOT be present and full of energy. But for those of you who don’t have children, the WORLD has a need for you, whether or not you see it. If you are down, you wear it on your face and in your actions, and all those you interact with WILL recieve it, and therefore you’ve allowed it to pass on to more people.

YOU OWE IT TO THE WORLD TO BE HAPPY!!! That’s an interesting way of looking at it.

On the other hand, if it’s a traumatic event that has thrown me off, i surround myself with fresh air and music.I pray, meditate, ask for direction. and sit in peace until it subsides.

If it’s the creative tension that has me down LOL. I had to laugh because this is the most frequent cause of my moods. I have to find the KEY to unlocking it. It could be music, it could be a walk, a movie, cooking, dancing, singing, or… crying. And just let it flow as it will. Creativity isn’t something you can force out. It’ll emerge when ready. As the VESSEL, all you can do is flow with it. SUBMIT to the will of God, and be the VESSEL clear and peaceful to recieve it. Even if being peaceful means allowing the mood to just BE.

Kinda felt like a ramble of a post, yet, something in this feels right. Like maybe there’s at least one other person who’ll feel me on this.


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