Genesis Remix 2014


In the beginning, there was order and there was nothing moving inside of the existence.

Chaos battled with Harmony and so there were eruptions inside of galaxies

Stars collapsing, and harmony balanced out the end of a star

with the formation of a black hole

Chaos recognized its limitations, since Harmony had created something

that even Chaos could not escape.

Harmony desired a different place, a place where Harmony would be so necessary

for existence that all things within it, would function as an unbreakable unit

Harmony created an Earth.

Harmony created an atmosphere, and a connection between the Air & Water

so that they were born and died only to create each other.

Harmony created a land mass with gravity that would pull all things to its center


Harmony created things which could move & exist in the existence, & all were held

safely inside… the Balance of Harmony.

Chaos became curious and entered this place.

Harmony saw that His creation was good but when He saw Chaos

He knew that Chaos would stop at nothing to create disorder.

and he did.

He brought ice ages and meteors crashing into it.

He destroyed many of Harmony’s creatures

but the Earth renewed itself, just as Harmony had created it to do.

Harmony wanted to place more protection into the Earth as it renewed itself.

So Harmony created a being that would be a caretaker for this place of balance.

He created man.

While all other things in HIs creation were simply innately connected in a cycle of

creation & recreation of the Energy, THIS creature would be made in the design

of Harmony. This creature would know how to create with the Energy,

transform the Energy to create Art, to protect, to build,

This creature would know how to THINK beyond the Earth

& would KNOW its essence was 1/2 Earth & 1/2 Harmony

Chaos was outraged, and wanted to destroy this place

but no matter what he tried, the Balance only took destruction & recreated


Chaos slithered into the Earth, broken & angry

Until a thought came to him

If he could TAKE the protector of the Earth

& use him to his will, then maybe the CREATION

would destroy itself!!!

Chaos saw the Tree of Life, which was the “central processing unit” & official entrance into

the existence

of this Earth,

and he knew if the Creature would invite him in, he could interact with the Earth,

But the Creature was the guardian & only one of its kind could let Chaos enter

He knew that Harmony had given this Creature the ability to think & CHOOSE

He persuaded it to consume part of the Tree of Life which maintained the Balance

and in doing so, the Creature had invited Chaos in

The Creature thought it could hide from Harmony

They were so ashamed but Harmony found them

They were ashamed because they realized how TRANSPARENT

they were to the senses of Harmony

Harmony said “You can never live inside this safe harmonious piece of existence.
Now you must live with Chaos within it. You’ve invited him into this world.

and from now until some distant future, you will be caught between the battle

for Chaos & Harmony.”

and since that time, we have been moving within this Environment

with all things caught in between the Chaos and the Marmony…

Harmony continues to communicate with his Creature

though as Chaos entered more & more, the communication became

more strained

Yet ART remained and the WORD remained the bond that Chaos

could not break.

“He’s still TALKING to them!!!” Yelled Chaos.

and so he sought to disrupt the art, and place himself as the topic of it

So we see his attempts to infect the Word & Art

But what he doesn’t understand…is the SPIRIT the internal CORE

which is the same as Harmony’s CRAVES the language that ONLY

the Creature & Harmony can speak

and the Creature will FOREVER seek its source

and when finding LOVE in another of the Creatures

it finds ITSELF

Thus, Chaos tries to disrupt LOVE hoping it can remove and disrupt in this way


We are protected by LOVE

Connected and strengthened through ART

And our greatest weapon as well as TOOL for many things

is the WORD

For in the beginning was the Word, & the Word was with Harmony & the word was Harmony

and so shall it FOREVER be


(Now return to your Bible or Quran or Torah & read ANY part of it again, and let me know if you see things a BIT MORE CLEAR this time)


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