Carmen Jones: Dat’s Love

My favorite song from Carmen Jones ❤


Love’s a baby that grows up wild
And he don’t do what you want him to
Love ain’t nobody’s angel-child
And he won’t pay any mind to you

One man gave me his diamond stud
And I won’t give him a cigarette
One man treats me like I was mud,
And what I got, dat man can get.

Dat’s love, dat’s love, dat’s love, dat’s love
You go for me and I’m taboo
But if you’re hard to get, I’ll go for you
And if I do, then you are through
Oh, my baby, that’s the end of you

…. So take your cue
Oh, Don’t say I didn’t tell you true
…. I told you truly, if I love you,
Dat’s the end of you!

When your love bird decides to fly
There ain’t no door that you can close
She just pecks you a quick good-bye
And flicks…

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