Amyriel – Her Theories on the Before-life and the Afterlife

Amyriel said that she believes that Heaven exists through a portal somewhere in the universe. When we get there she says we get to do whatever we can imagine, and everyone gets along.

She also says that every person gets a cloud and a star. They can step inside these anytime they want to see what’s happening to people in their family who are still on Earth. They are invisible to us, but while in their cloud or star, they can see us clearly. She says people use the clouds when they want to visit during the day, and the star for night time visits.

Before coming here to Earth, she says that each person is given a gift that makes them special. The reason she said this was because I told her when she speaks it makes me think that Buddha taught her everything he knows before she came here to be Amyriel, and that’s when she said that we each come here with a gift that makes us special.

She’s my Picasso-Beethoven-Buddha Baby Angel. ❤


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