Crossing the Line


what line you crossing?
we got Ho Phi Ho
The Queen Betas
and the Me Don’t Know Me Yets
Can you meet their standards?

Ho Phi Ho says you gotta know
how to show your ass
work it girl
drop it pop it for the vine
6 to 15 seconds of your time
Get them views girl
they talking about you

all about you… your ass

your bedroom possibilities
wondering if you got carpet marks on your knees
… So if all you are is an ass that claps
then baby girl you can be a Hoe
… a moment of silence for the fallen please
highly elevated self defecated into the line-up
of the used, worn, dried up flesh
passed from one to the next
like blunts
they take a hit, burning away at her structure
til only the tip is left
Now that they’re dismissed let’s get back to this
Next up is the Queen Betas
All the hoes talking noise bout how these ladies are hatas
for pointing out the hoes tragedy
But at least a Queen can do more on her knees
than just physically please
Queen Beta, none are greater
Founded by ancient sisters from back a few millenia
Got Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, Betty Shabazz amongst many others
within the ranks
Praising, building kings and kingdoms
Praying for those trapped inside the hoe-dom
Raising, Laughing, Crying, Side by side
Queens are stepping allied to the King-Alphas
Leaving no task undone, she quick to show her man that love
and just as soon to take up arms for the mission
they shared vision
Queen Betas and King Alphas not about the ride or die
we’re about the ride and thrive
… pushing back the evil seeking demise
it’s all about the do-‘s, forget the tries

Trying to decide? Stuck in between the Hoe and the Queen
Seeing the quick funding the hoe can acquire
wondering if the Queen status requires
more than you got to invest?
Then please be a Me Don’t Know Me Yet
better than a straight up Hoe,
at least take a moment and just say “I don’t know”
before you let go
of your spirit love

This is more than just poetic word play
it’s reality

we all walking on the daily
Actions determine your membership
Just remember,

a blunt’s only caressed til
the fire runs out



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