Inspired by a photo


when the bullets have found their final resting place

… and the blood lost inside the solution of the seas …

the fallen will dance inside the waves of our memories

… freed from the suffering of seeking justice from the living…

they will evolve their screams into laughter

… and the Spirit of all things will loose its grip from fighting to hold it all together

… we are caught inside the tension of things present …

wondering if the threads will break under the pressure

… when the battle cries escape the prison of echoes…

when the maze of mirrors finally cracks

… so that we cease repeating what past reflects …

this aint no fun house when we are trapped inside with no exit signs

… Time to bust out

… #Freedom #EricGarner #Ukraine #Gaza #Detroit #Louisiana #Haiti #JordanDavis #TrayvonMartin #DaraneishaHarris Online Vigil for Javon Rakestrau


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